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Watch: Gay Florida Couple Go Viral in Screaming Airport Meltdown Video


A married male couple from Florida went viral for all the wrong reasons when a screaming meltdown at a North Carolina airport was captured on video and shared on social media. The moment was capped by a shocking verbal attack on a wheelchair-bound woman.

The video was shared on TikTok but soon appeared on other platforms in its wildfire spread.

"Furious Dustin Miller, 42, was seen screaming, 'American Airlines have f**ked us over!' as his Louis Vuitton-toting husband Anthony Thorne, 40, implored him to think about their 'girls' – the couple's pet dogs Shelby and Dolly," UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

The video begins with Miller berating staff at a gate desk and then marching away, as Thorne grabs at his arm and follows him, repeating, "You don't care about the girls? You don't care about the girls!"

Thorne also advises his husband, "You're not going to get on the flight and see your girls," according to the Mail.

"The 'girls', later identified as Shelby and Dolly, are actually the two dogs that the couple share, their social media revealed," the Mail added. "The names are possibly a reference to the 1989 movie 'Steel Magnolias' in which one of the characters is called Shelby and Dolly Parton plays the part of Truvy Jones."

The men continue talking over each other in the video until Miller addresses the gate at large, exclaiming, "Hello everybody! American Airlines fucked us over!"

"It's unclear what prompted the drama," the Mail noted, though one possibility is that a delay or cancellation brought the bad news that the couple would be getting back home – and to their beloved "girls" – later than planned.

"I'm not kidding!" Thorne cries in the footage, grabbing Miller's arm. Miller wrenches free, snapping, "Don't!"

But the episode gets truly out-of-hand when a wheelchair-bound woman addresses Miller while her own dog (evidently a service animal) lies placidly by her side. Gesturing at her dog, the woman seems to urge Miller to calm down, even as Thorne continues repeating "Shelby and Dolly! Shelby and Dolly!" at his husband.

Miller seems to point to the woman in the wheelchair. "I'm gonna do it for you," he says.

"Remember them!" Thorne continues to berate Miller. "Shelby and Dolly! Remember them! I'm just trying to get home to the girls."

The outburst seems on the verge of fizzling out when the woman in the wheelchair addresses Miller again, and he starts speaking to her in turn, saying something about his "most favorite dogs." The woman can be heard telling Miller to "go away," before Miller explodes with: "Fuck off, bitch!"

The woman tries to say something else, and Miller repeats himself, shouting, "Fuck off, bitch!" as others in the gate visibly flinch.

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