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A Taste of Aarhus: 2017 European Capital of Culture

Friday Jun 16, 2017

European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 and European region of Gastronomy 2017 set the table for an enticing summer and a thought-provoking autumn.

With over 130 innovative, appetite-tempting and engaging food events, Aarhus and the Central Denmark Region are ready to welcome global visitors to experience all sorts of food trends. The activities range from lunch on Denmark's longest table at Tangkrogen in Aarhus, to a trip inside the big-top of Fish-á-deli Circus.

"From the humble hotdog to the haute cuisine, there is something for everyone when we turn our talents to setting the table for food, fun and fabulous conversations about all things gastronomical. We help celebrate the mid-Denmark region's wonderful natural ladder by bringing our focus to local produce, movable feasts, and food with social enterprise," said Juliana Enberg, Program Director, Aarhus 2017. "Children learn to cook, we gain a greater understanding of the history of food and its important cultural associations. We get to taste a lot as we become adventurous hunters for oysters, lobsters and other items from the sea basket. Pull up a chair; we have heaps to share!"

3 Can't-Miss Events

Fish-á-deli Circus
Fish-á-Deli Circus will challenge the usual contact between guests and chefs. Sustainably caught fish, cooked with local foods of the region, will be the core of the performance. The scenography will be a touring circus - the kind you might have experienced at the beginning of the 1900s, with musicians, a circus director, horses, a strong man, and equilibrists of all kinds! It's magic, and it's fabulous food, all in one when the circus comes to town.
October 2017

People's Feast
People's Feast aspires to be Denmark's biggest table banquet with 10 zones, each drawing inspiration from amongst others, Greenland, Japan and the North Sea.
September 1-2, 2017

Oyster Celebration
As many as a thousand people will join the gigantic Oyster Celebration in Aarhus. Here there will be a huge party with great cooks, cool music and loads of fun while we delight in eating the best oysters in the world and in the natural surroundings that provide them.
October 15, 2017


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