'Smooth? Cozy? Or Thrill Taker? Discover Your Sexual Personality

Tuesday November 17, 2020

'Smooth? Cozy? Or Thrill Taker? Discover Your Sexual Personality
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There are all kinds of personality tests available on the web, but what about one that measures your sexual personality?

The website Autostraddle provides an answer with one that asks, "What's Your Queer Sex Personality?"

"Are you a daring queer kinkster, or are you a little more subdued?" asks Autostraddle. "Do you flirt to win, or do you prefer a lingering chase? You might call yourself a 'top' or a 'bottom' or a 'sub,' but there's a whole lot more to who you are between the sheets."

Okay, the quiz is part of a marketing campaign for the queer-owned sexual toy retailer HolyFour, so it is neither scientific nor particularly accurate. We took a number of times with different answers to see where the results would land. In the first try, we were called a "Smooth Sailor! When you're having sex, you prefer a slow and steady ride. For you, the rev up and the cool down are just as important as the bumping and grinding that happens in between." And were then recommended a toy and lube.

A second try with a different set of answers brought this response. "Cuddle up! You're a Cozy Cutie! Your favorite part of sex is the skin-on-skin contact, and you unabashedly use the phrase "making love." You crave snuggling and spooning and lots of PDA, and you need a partner who's down to sit on the same side of the diner booth."

And this came with a third set of answers: "Buckle up! You're a Thrill Chaser! You want kinky sex, and you're not afraid to ask for it. You like any sensation that stings or slaps and any flavor of sex that feels adventurous."

Have no idea how many different personalities it suggests, but whatever it is, there's a toy there as well.

Take the test and see where you fall on Austraddle's spectrum.

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