Old Gays Try Grindr, Watch the Hilarious Results

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday September 23, 2019

Old Gays Try Grindr, Watch the Hilarious Results

In a new video released by intomore, four older gay men try Grindr for the first time, including one who has never even used a cell phone before. From setting up their profiles to exploring nearby matches, watch these 65 and ups learn the wild world of Grindr below...

The guys start out choosing photos for their profiles and setting their interests, and then go into browsing people nearby.

"419 feet away... Charlie, the love of my life!" Bill said as he found his first interesting profile.

Answering what his best opening line is, Jessay replied with a chuckle: "What, you mean making the first move? I don't do that."

Some of the funniest moments ensued, when they began receiving and reading messages, however. Watch below, as most of them are a bit too raunchy to post here...