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Ex-Boyfriend Arrested in 2019 Death of Gay Man, Trust Fund Heir

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday June 4, 2022
Originally published on June 3, 2022

Suspect Keshaun Sheffield, left, and Rashid Young
Suspect Keshaun Sheffield, left, and Rashid Young  (Source:Montgomery County District Attorney's Office)

Pennsylvania police authorities have arrested an ex-boyfriend as a suspect in the 2019 disappearance and death of an heir to a $2 million trust fund.

As reported by NBC News, Rashid Young was reported missing in December 2019 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and for years his family pleaded for answers on his whereabouts.

After hiring a private investigator, authorities learned that Young's body was found buried in an arboretum in September 2019, but only recently was able to be identified using dental records.

"That discovery followed an alleged confession from another former lover of Sheffield," NBC News detailed. "That person, who has not been identified, allegedly admitted to helping Sheffield bury the body at the arboretum, according to the criminal affidavit."

His ex-boyfriend, Keshaun Sheffield, 20, was arrested on June 1 as a suspect in his death. Authorities believe Sheffield reportedly stabbed Young to death in August and used his phone and social media accounts to pretend he was still alive for four months while draining his allowance money.

"Their relationship came to light through cellphone records, help from a confidential informant and other means, prosecutors said," NBC reported.

According to a release about the case, the police were called to Young's apartment in 2019 due to flooding, and found that it had been intentionally flooded.

According to authorities, the apartment had "holes in walls, broken doors and trash strewn throughout."

"Since August 2019, a family has been searching for information about their missing son. Today, we shared with them the tragic details of his death and will be able to return his remains to them for a proper burial," said District Attorney Kevin R. Steele in a statement. "This is yet another case of relationship violence that turned into a murder."

Upon arrest, Sheffield was charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, theft by unlawful taking/disposition, receiving stolen property, possessing an instrument of crime, and access device fraud.

Denied bail, his preliminary hearing is set for June 9.