Watch: Cody Simpson Releases Training Video: 'I'm Back Living My Full Athletic Lifestyle.'

Saturday June 12, 2021
Originally published on June 10, 2021

This week singer Cody Simpson competes in the trails to make the Australian swim team for July's Olympic Games in Tokyo. It will be the next step in his quest for Olympic gold that begin nearly two years ago when he decided to return to swimming, which he excelled at as a kid, after a decade of touring, recording, acting, and winning the first season of "The Masked Singer" in his native Australia.

This week he shared his rigorous training routine with GQ as part of the magazine's Real-Life Diet series.

"I'm back living my full athletic lifestyle," he told GQ.

In the video "the musician walked the publication through an average day of his typical diet and fitness—and let's just say that he has laser-sharp focus when it comes to sticking to his regimen," reports Entertainment Weekly.

"After waking up at his usual time of 5 a.m., he usually makes a wrap filled with peanut butter and banana, which he explained gives him the sugar, protein and carbs he needs to get through his morning practice. Then right after practice, he usually has a protein shake and toast with avocado—but, he also added that he loves to eat fish and veggies, saying, 'Just getting a good healthy protein, vegetables and a carb—slow-burning carb that will last me [...] keep me full throughout the night.'"

Since changing his diet to this training regimen, Cody says "I probably eat three to four times more than I did before," the athlete confessed. "I try to eat fairly plant based and pescatarian. If I eat red meat or something heavier, I find that the next day I don't train as well."

Though he does admit, "Fries are my weakness." He adds that since 2019 that he rarely eats red meat and has given up alcohol. "Being relatively sober for months on end is one of the best things you can do for your mental focus," he explained. "It keeps you on point—it keeps you focused. It keeps you clear."

He also explained how the discipline of training as a young swimmer informed his work ethic when he became a performer.

"Growing up, swimming taught me a certain kind of discipline and work ethic that I was able to carry into other areas of my life such as music [and] performing on Broadway," he said.

In April, Cody placed ninth in his heat at the Australian National Championships, with a time of 24.79 seconds, reported the Daily Mail. Claiming "his two weeks in quarantine could have contributed to a loss in his optimal pool performance."

"I probably would have liked to have gone a little quicker, but it was the first race back in a long time and I've only just come out of quarantine," he said. "Two weeks out of the water sets you back quite a while, but I had to get through the quarantine at some point."

He added, "I just wanted to get up and at least do the 50m to dust myself off." 

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