Check Out the LGBTQ Personalities Who Came Out for the Emmys

Monday September 20, 2021
Originally published on September 20, 2021

With no major-queer show in the running this year, LGBTQ representation at the Emmy Awards this year wasn't at its greatest. The only show — with three major nominations — was "Pose," which came away with zero wins. The biggest oversight by the Television Academy was passing over the British series "It's a Sin" for any nominations. Perhaps the lack of recognition made it seem LGBTQ-lite in attendance. No NPH. No Ellen. No Matt Bomer. No Luke Evans. No Ryan Murphy (though he was thanked from the podium a few times).

And perhaps Sandra Bernhard (from "Pose") spoke about the presentation best when she retweeted a someone asking: "Why are the Emmys taking place in the family room at the Olive Garden?? Are they serving salad and breadsticks."

Here are some the LGBTQ personalities who attended up the ceremony.

Hannah Einbinder

Einbinder was nominated for the queer-friendly "Hacks" for playing the headstrong millennial hired to rejuvenate Jean Smart's career on HBO Max's smart show biz comedy.

Carl Clemons-Hopkins

Einbender's "Hacks" co-star and Emmy nom Carl Clemons-Hopkins made quite a statement in their Christian Siriano outfit with a Bardot neckline and a sash in yellow and purple. Siriano confirmed on his Instagram that the look is meant to support the non-binary flag.

Johnny Sibilly

He may not attended, but the featured actor on "Hacks" — he plays the water serviceman who — looked elegant in a classic look.

Billy Porter

The "Pose" star appeared at the Emmys with wings on. In all black, his tight-fitting pants and top was accented with large, ruffled wings on each arm. It was vintage Billy Porter.

Mj Rodriguez

Mj Rodriguez made history this year as the first trans woman nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She may have lost, but she made a sensational appearance in Versace gown in a gorgeous shade of turquoise.


This year's "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner joined the RuPaul team to celebrate the show winning Best Reality Show, which made it the highest-winning reality show in Emmy history. She appeared in a stunning, classic Hollywood-styled gown in shades of pink and fascia.

RuPaul Drag Race Team

RuPaul's entourage posed for snap before winning once again.

Michelle Visage

Is it fair to call Michelle Visage gay by association? RuPaul's long time confidante and co-star, joined the show's team for yet another win in a plunging black dress accented by gold chains.


With his 11th win, RuPaul became the most awarded person of color in Emmy Award history. He appeared in black with black-and-white patterned slacks.

Bowen Yang

"Saturday Night Live" regular Bowen Yang may not have won an Emmy this year, but he did have the line of the night when he teased Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige saying, "Yes, Kevin Feige, I am athletic!" in a pair of scene-stealing silver stilettos and a black suit.

Dan Levy

Last year "Schitt's Creek" stole the show at the Emmy's, which brought its four leads back to present an award. This year its out creator and star Dan Levy wore a blue double-breasted jacket tied with sash, a matching blue undercoat, shirt and slack.

Emma Corrin

Out actress Emma Corrin gave a breakout performance as Princess Diana on "The Crown," but the Emmy to co-star Olivia Coleman who played Queen Elizabeth on the same show. She also got some shade for wearing an elegant cream yellow gown with a cap that made some to dish it appeared she was about to go for a swim.

Gillian Anderson

Though she is currently living with "The Crown" creator Peter Morgan, Gillian Anderson has been vocal about the fact that she could date a woman. The bi actress won an Emmy last night for her performance as Margaret Thatcher and looked casual in a simple white gown.

Sarah Paulson

While not nominated for an Emmy this year, the much-nominated (with one win) out actress made an impression on the red carpet in a striking red gown with a plunging neckline and billowing sleeves. Even girlfriend Holland Taylor was stunned: