Review: 'Batwoman: The Complete First Season' is a Must-Have Addition to Your DC Universe Collection

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday August 18, 2020

Review: 'Batwoman: The Complete First Season' is a Must-Have Addition to Your DC Universe Collection

Justice for all! Meet Kate Kane. You may have heard of her cousin, billionaire Bruce Wayne — Gotham City's most illegible playboy — tall dark and handsome, with a shadowy alter ego dedicated to defending the weak. Bruce Wayne has left the city and Kate finds herself in a very unique situation especially when she discovers a secret passage to an underground cave, hidden deep beneath Wayne's largest tower. Inside that cave, Kate discovers a new purpose and a new identity. In an instant, a new legend will be born, when Kate become the Batwoman!

Starring Ruby Rose, "Batwoman" The Complete First Season gathers all 20-episodes of the critically acclaimed, inaugural season of the hit series and the latest DC comics hero to join the primetime line-up. "Batwoman" stands apart from the other shows as the headlining character and the actor in the role are both openly LGBTQ+ making Batwoman the first lesbian superhero to join the rest of The CW super friends. Ruby Rose became an overnight sensation when she first debuted in 2019s epic crossover event. A pilot was inevitable.

"Batwoman" became the #1 new show on The CW and herald a new age in primetime. Rebellious and rule-breaking, Kate Kane is at the top of her class in military training academy, but when her superior officers learn that she's engaged in a homosexual relationship with a fellow cadet, Kate's career is cut short and she finds herself lost and despondent. Returning to her home in Gotham City, Kate finds a new way forward, but the city has lost its Dark Knight defender, and criminals are running rampant causing chaos, wreaking havoc! Welcome to Gotham City!

When a sadistic new costumed baddie calling herself Alice (Rachel Skarsten) shows up and kidnaps Kate's one-time lady love, she has no other choice but to take on the crime syndicate all on her own. While making herself at home in her cousin Bruce's old office, she uncovers the truth about what lurks beneath the caves in Gotham City — the Batman's secret headquarters — and Bruce's arsenal of toys, including his kevlar armor. With Batman missing in action, Kate seizes the opportunity to strike fear in her enemies and masquerades as the "Batman".

Getting her first taste at crimefighting and fully aware of the power The Batman has to inspire hope and courage among the ordinary people of Gotham and after making slight modifications to the suit (insert red wig here) The Batwoman is born! Working alongside her new allies Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) and her own stepsister Mary (Nicole Kang), Kate takes the fight head-on as the city's newest caped vigilante. As Batwoman she battles Alice and Wonderland Gang, striking against the villain's very personal vendetta!

Ruby Rose rises to the top of the crop among her contemporaries, while maintaining very equal footing as to keep the worlds of the Greg Berlanti manufactured "Arrowverse" work seamlessly as one interpretation of the DC Comics universe they've inspired. Playing opposite Skarsten's Alice made for one of the most entertaining adversarial pairings on television. "Batwoman" is full of interesting colors and characterizations, with a cast fully onboard to bring this legacy of The Batman to the 21st century. So when Ruby Rose announced her departure from the show...

...the seismic shift was inevitably felt across all fandom! Given the reality of our current pandemic, fans woudl have resigned themselves if "Batwoman" Season One would have been it, but the show, as they say — must go on. When "Batwoman" returns for Season Two, the cape and the cowl would have been passed to a new lead when Javicia Lesliie steps in as the new defender of Gotham City, in the advent mysterious absence of Kate Kane, just as Alice prepares to unleash the final act of her plan with the help of...Bruce Wayne?

The Blu-ray disc features all 20-episodes of the First Season, along with a limited edition Bonus Disc that features all 5-parts of this season's epic "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event based on the classic DC Comics maxi-series that revolutionized the genre. The disc also includes Deleted Scenes and "The Best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panels" from San Diego 2019. With Blu-ray's incredible picture quality and sound, "Batwoman The Complete First Season" is a must-have addition to your DC TV universe collection.

"Batwoman" The Complete First Season

available on Blu-ray and Digital


The Blu-ray includes all 20 episodes from the First Season, including Deleted Scenes and footage featuring interviews from the cast from their introduction at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

For a limited time, a bonus disc is included with purcahse that
features all 5-parts of the epic "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event.

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