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PopUps: You Can Now Purchase a (Non-Official) Bieber Lookalike Sex Doll

Monday Dec 18, 2017
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber  (Source:Instagram /@justinbieber)

Need the perfect holiday gift for the Belieber in your life? Maybe consider the non-official Justin Bieber lookalike sex doll, that's apparently selling like hotcakes. (Or maybe don't consider it at all.)

Reports recently surfaced that there is now a sex doll available for purchase that many believe resembles the "Sorry" singer's likeness. For just USD 981, you can be the proud owner of the 5-foot 2-inch doll, available on the China-based website AliExpress (extremely NSFW).

Though it's not an official Bieber sex doll, media outlets like The Daily Mail pointed out the doll's "uncanny resemblance to" the Canadian pop star.

"Although not based on [Bieber] and not an official likeness, some fans are desperate to sign up and get a date with their favorite singer," writes the U.K. newspaper The Sun.

The Daily Mail adds: "Although no explicit reference is made between the life-like doll and the 23-year-old Canadian pop singer, the chiseled chest and luscious head of hair swept into the famous side fringe Justin used to sport add to the resemblance."

The doll is "made from the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton," according to its official description. "It can flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses."

The Daily Mail's report on the doll goes into further detail. The publication writes customers have "the option of choosing the size of the rubber doll's manhood, which ranges from seven to nine inches."

[H/T The Sun]


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