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PopUps: Bodybuilder Billionaire 'Korean Hulk' Discusses Friendship with Lindsay Lohan

Thursday Dec 14, 2017
Lindsay Lohan, left, with Je-Young Ha
Lindsay Lohan, left, with Je-Young Ha  (Source:Instagram /@koreanhulk)

Earlier this month, rumors started to swirl that Lindsay Lohan was dating Je-Young Ha - a Korean bodybuilder billionaire also known ask the "Korean Hulk." Despite several Instagram photos and video showing the pair having a blast globe-trotting, Ha explains in a new interview with GQ that they're just friends.

"We first met in Mykonos, Greece. Lindsay is a great person. She's very kind, and she's an angel," Ha says of Lohan. "We contact each other a lot. We will spend Christmas and New Year's Day together."

When asked if he's dating anyone, the athlete says, "No."

As previously reported, rumors that Lohan and Ha were an item popped up earlier this month after the bodybuilding blog Liftin pointed out the actress appeared in a number of Ha's Instagram photos and vids. The blog also wrote: "Not much information is available on how exactly Je-Yong got so rich, but he's on a few lists for being one of the wealthiest businessman in Korea."

When speaking with GQ, Ha discussed his workout routine as well has his wild wardrobe, which includes "over 50 fur coats."

"I do business in Moscow, Russia, and Dubai," he explained. "I have interest in the entertainment business so I'm preparing to open night clubs in many different countries.

"I am planning to open a Lohan Club in Dubai," Ha told GQ. "In Moscow, I plan to make the most luxurious and expensive restaurant in the world. I also have huge interest in charity and volunteer work, therefore I want to make a foundation that'll allow me to help as many people in need as I can."

Click here to read the full GQ interview with Ha.

Check out highlights of Lohan and Ha from Instagram below.


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