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Watch: Tan France Gives John Mulaney a "F**kable" Makeover

by Sam Cronin
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jun 24, 2019

"Queer Eye's" Tan France has got a new Netflix web series, "Dressing Funny" where he targets comics in his endless quest to makeover the world. First up? John Mulaney. Check out some episode highlights and watch the full clip below.

While exploring new wardrobe options, the duo came upon a full blue tracksuit.
Tan France: "Do you see yourself in a full tracksuit?"
John Mulaney: "Yes. Do you know why I like it?"
Tan France: "I don't."
John Mulaney: "This is what I'm wearing. Yea. Fuck you."

On the note of unapologetic fashion statements...
John Mulaney: "You know, I switched clothes with Pete Davidson one night on stage and it was one of the few times that I haven't worn a suit on stage but I wore SpongeBob pants..."
Tan France: "I know exactly which ones you mean."
John Mulaney: "Haha (wheezes)."
Tan France: "I know his wardrobe quite well."
John Mulaney: "He's the only one who owns 'em."

Tan and John are both the same age, 36, however, John dresses much older according to Tan, and he set out to fix the problem and make him look more... youthful.
John Mulaney: "I always wanted to be an entertainer in the 50's roughly so I said 'why doesn't this feel like how I wanted it?' Then I started wearing a suit on stage and I said 'This is exactly what I wanted it to be.'"
Tan France: "But, I think the tides are turning. I don't think that just because you're 36 that you have to dress older. How do I say it? We still wanna be fuckable."
John Mulaney: "OH yeah. Right."
Tan France: "You're a respectable man, but I want you to be a fuckable man."
John Mulaney: "Ah. Ok. I'd love to reshoot those two [Netflix] specials."

After attempting a subtle youthful look with a pink suit, Tan pushed the look further and attempted a Pete Davidson-style remake, which neither party thought worked.
John Mulaney: "This is like a NARC. None of it works does it?"
Tan France: "Shall we strip off a couple of layers and see if that helps?"
John Mulaney: "Absolutely. Do whatever you need to... These are about $800 shirts and so forth. So can 'the youth' really afford this?"
Tan France: "Well, it's a certain subsection of the youth."

Topping off the look with a pair of gold douchey glasses, Tan tried to resurrect the look, but when John looked in the mirror, he couldn't help but see NARC.
John Mulaney: "'Hey, kids. Who's selling ecstasy? I'm part of your school.'"

Check out the rest of the episode below, and keep an eye out for Tan's next celebrity guests, including Nick Kroll, Ali Wong, Miranda Sings, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and Pete Davidson.


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